Our Commitment to the Community

We care deeply about the communities we work in and prioritize making them a better place to live. By acquiring and revitalizing existing infrastructure as well as building new infrastructure, we are making investments and providing jobs in local communities across the United States. 

Unique and impactful approach to giving

Through the Harvest Giving Program, each employee is given their own charitable trust to support any U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization based on personal passions and interests. We partner with the Greater Houston Community Foundation and The Alaska Community Foundation to facilitate the employee giving process and administer the funds.

As an extension of the Harvest Giving Program, we also provide new employees $2,500 to put toward the charity of their choice and match employee donations up to $2,000 annually thereafter. Harvest and our affiliates have contributed nearly $15 million to various U.S. non-profits to-date.

Ready to assist landowners and developers

With assets and operations in communities across the country, being a good neighbor is central to our success. Our team is dedicated to working closely those who own and develop land, in addition to other stakeholders to ensure good communications, share relevant operational information and enhance the security of property and facilities.

Executive Assistant

There is a genuine care from our team for the communities where we operate because so many of us live where we work. It’s important for us to take care of our neighbors.


​​​​​​​We constantly work to ensure that we are acting as good stewards of land, water and air
resources. We partner closely with local, state and federal organizations to enhance public safety, improve preparedness and protect the environment.


Operating safely and responsibly is our top priority. We have robust programs in place to proactively identify and address potential risks to ensure the safety of our assets, our employees and our neighbors.