Our Pipeline Tariffs

Our online tariff service is provided as a convenient resource to view and download the tariffs currently in effect for our crude oil pipeline systems.

Arrowhead Eagle Ford Pipeline, LLC and Arrowhead Gathering Company, LLC
Arrowhead Gulf Coast Midstream, LLC
Arrowhead Gulf Coast Pipeline, LLC
Arrowhead Ingleside Pipeline, LLC
Arrowhead Louisiana Gathering, LLC
Arrowhead Louisiana Pipeline, LLC
Arrowhead Eagle Ford Pipeline, LLC
Arrowhead Nueces Bay, LLC
Endicott Pipeline Company, LLC
Hilcorp Pipeline Company, LLC
Harvest Alaska, LLC
Arrowhead Gathering Company, LLC
Milne Point Pipeline, LLC
Northstar Pipeline Company, LLC
Arrowhead Offshore Pipeline, LLC
Arrowhead South Texas Pipeline, LLC
Regulatory Agency
Origin Location
ANR Patterson Station
Apollo Unit
Asherton Production Batteries
Asherton Station Truck Injection Point
Atascosa County, TX
Atascosa County TX Guajillo
Badami Connection
Bay St. Elaine System
Bayou Sale Station
Black Bay
Caillou Island Field
Cameron Parish Louisiana
Cameron Parish, Louisiana and Jefferson County, Texas
Cocodrie Station
Cotulla Station
Crews-Kotara Lateral Pipeline Connected Tank Batteries
Crimson Pipeline at Burns
Dilley Station
Dougherty Berdie Hons Hoffman
Eaglehawk Interconnect
East Karnes
East Sugarloaf Pipeline
East White Lake Vermilion Block 76 Offshore Louisiana
Eastex Storey Ranch Station
Endicott Main Production Island
EOG Hoff Battery
EOG Three Rivers Station
EPIC Pipeline, Midway Junction Interconnect
EPL Pipeline Vermilion Block 38 Lateral Interconnect
Eugene Island Area
Eugene Island Block 30 Subsea Tie-In
Falls City Truck Offload Terminal
Fowlerton Junction
Freedom Interconnect
Frio County, TX
Garza Truck Station
Golden Meadow Field
Golden Meadow Station
Guajillo Ranch Lateral Pipeline Connected Tank Batteries
Hanks Lateral Gardendale Interconnect
Hanks Ranch Battery
Harvest Midway Terminal
Hilcorp CF 1
Hilcorp CF 6
Hilcorp Energy Company Burrwood W5
Hilcorp Energy Company South Pass Central Facilities
Hilcorp Venice Field
Ironwood Gardendale Gathering System
Karnes City Truck Offload Terminal
Karnes County, TX
La Salle and McMullen Counties, TX
Lake Barre
Lake Hatch System
Lapeyrouse Field
Live Oak County, TX
Mariner Energy Platform South Pass Block 24 W1
May Station
Milne Point Unit Central Facilities Pad Alaska
Neptune Plant
North Freshwater Bayou Vermilion Block 14 Offshore Louisiana
North Tilden Station
Northstar Unit Seal Island Alaska
Palmetto Field
Patsy-Clark Lateral Pipeline Connected Tank Batteries
Pearsall Station
Plains Aguila Vado Gardendale System
Plains Gardendale Terminal
Plains Gardendale Gathering Gardendale Station
Pegasus Pipeline Connected Tank Batteries
Pump Station #1
Quarantine Bay
Rutherford Station
Sabine Pass Dock
Sabine Pass Terminal
South Freshwater Bayou
South Pass Block 24 W2
Stonegate Interconnect
Storey Ranch Station
Sugarloaf Pipeline Connected Tank Batteries
Sugar Station
Taft Moda Facility San Patricio County TX
Three Rivers Truck Station
Venice Station
West Bay
West Bay Station
West Delta Block 83 E5
West Karnes
West Ranch
West Sugarloaf
XPLOR Main Pass Pipeline
Destination Location
BOA Pipeline
Carrier’s Garden City Terminal at Burns Dock
Cocodrie Station
Flint Hills Resources Corpus Christi
Forked Island Terminal
Fowlerton Junction
Garden City Terminal at Burns Dock
Golden Meadow Station
Hanks Lateral
Harvest Midway Terminal
Houma Station
Intercoastal Canal Dock Associated with Burns Terminal
Kuparuk Transportation Company
MIEC Terminal (Moda Ingleside) San Patricio County, TX
Midway Station
NuStar 100 Series Tank Farm
Pearsall Station
Pettus Station
Plains Marketing's Garden City Terminal
Port of Calhoun
Pump Station No. 1
Sabine Pass
Sabine Pass Dock
Sabine Pass Terminal
Ship's Rail at Valdez Marine Terminal
South Texas Gateway Terminal, LLC, San Patricio County, TX
Storage Barge Lake Hatch
Storey Ranch Station
Taft Moda Facility, San Patricio County, TX
Three Rivers Refinery
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station No. 1
Venice Station
West Bay System Interconnection
Tariff Status