Harvest Midstream Company Announces Ingleside Pipeline Now Shipping to the Moda Ingleside Energy Center

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Harvest Midstream announced the successful commissioning of two connections between Harvest’s Ingleside Pipeline and Moda Midstream. The first connection provides shippers access from the Harvest Ingleside Pipeline to Moda Midstream LLC’s Ingleside Energy Center located in Ingleside, Texas. The second connection is a bi-direction connection between the Harvest Ingleside Pipeline and Moda Midstream’s Taft Terminal located in Taft, Texas. The bi-directional capability allows Moda’s Taft Terminal to receive crude volumes from Harvest’s Ingleside Pipeline and also deliver volumes to Harvest’s Ingleside Pipeline.

“Just a few months after the announcement of the Ingleside Pipeline’s completion, it is a huge win for Harvest and our customers to have these new connections in place. As we continue to build capabilities to provide our customers growth potential, we look forward to being able to announce new successes in the region,” said Jason Rebrook, CEO of Harvest Midstream Company.

On June 23, 2020, Harvest announced the completion of the Ingleside Pipeline, a 24-mile, 24-inch oil pipeline. The capacity of the line is 600,000 barrels per day (bpd) with up to 380,000 bpd supplied by the existing Harvest Eagle Ford pipeline systems.

“Harvest is and always will be building our capabilities to provide world class services to our customers,” said Sean Kolassa, President of Harvest Midstream Company. “We are extremely proud to continue to expand service offerings on our system for the benefit of our customers and for the region.”

The Harvest Ingleside Pipeline originates at the Harvest Midway Terminal and can receive up to 380,000 bpd from the existing Harvest Eagle Ford pipeline system. The Harvest Midway Terminal will start full operations October 1st.

Harvest Midstream Company:

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September 23, 2020